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Winter Jungle Trio

Winter Jungle Trio

A different take of baby animal prints, this one gives calm energy with it's soft yet colorful animal friends.

Baby Trio Bedding Set consists of:

1 x Head pillow 

2 x Bolsters

1x infant cloud head support pillow

*Comes with the pillows.

1 x Quilt/Blanket


Kids Trio Bedding Set is bigger and consists of:

1 x Head Pillow

2 x Bolsters 

*Comes with the pillows.

1 x Quilt/Blanket


Single Trio Bedding Set consists of:

1 x Head Pillow

2 x Bolsters

*Normal adult single size, does not come with pillows.

1 x Quilt/ Blanket


    • Handmade Item
    • Made to Order
    • Ready in 3weeks
    • Double sided of cool, silky fabric mix with japanese cotton and printed using non toxic ink so safe for baby and kids.
    • This products are made in clean and safe environment, smoke and pet free.

    Baby set comes in generous size that will last them til' the toddler age.

    Pillow case: 22x32cm

    Bolster case: 12x40cm

    Cloud infant head support pillow: 20x30cm

    Quilt/Blanket: 75x100cm


    Kids set:

    Pillow case: 40x50cm

    Bolster case: 25x70cm

    Quilt/Blanket: 100x150cm


    Single set:

    Pillowcase: 51X76

    Bolster case: 38X107cm 

    Quilt/Blanket: 140x200cm

    (normal singlet set size)


    • Handwash in baby laundry wash is the best otherwise low setting on machine.
    • Hang to dry
    • Warm iron
    • Do not bleach
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