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Bunny Wonderland Beansprout Pillow

Bunny Wonderland Beansprout Pillow

Down the rabbit hole, Alice fell and the magic unveils itself! Alice find herself in wonderland!


The "soother" pillow, traditionally made by grandparents for the little one to comfort and make them sleep better.  

Cool to touch and will give great comfort on baby when sleeping, also great for cuddling.


Size: 15x40cm, great for newborn up to toddler's age.


Cover: 50% Cloud & Sky Baby Premium fabric + 50% Japanese cotton

Inner: 240gr, 100% safe and natural, UV sterilised husk sourced and made in Singapore.

  • Care Instruction

    • Cover can be washed as often as you like, washing machine & dryer safe.
    • Put the inner under the sun once/twice a week to keep it crisp and dry.
    • Inner comes with zipper for easy refill if needed next time.


  • Processing Time

    3 weeks, all items are individually printed and hand sewn to perfection with love.

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